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Please Mr. Postman

May 15th, 2008 · 1 Comment · kvetch

As a Technical Support professional, I have low tolerance for poor service. I imagine professional drivers must cringe when they get to ride in the passenger’s seat, and interior decorators probably get offended when toss pillows don’t match throw rugs. Then again, maybe it is just me and all the other professionals are stoically tolerating outrages against their chosen professions.

Here is the latest in the long list of cringe-worthy experiences. A few months ago I bought my daughter a Wherify Wireless cell phone. It is a cute tiny phone; even though she can only call several numbers that I pre-programmed for her, she can still impress other second-graders, and I get additional peace of mind by being able to track her location at any given time through Wherify GPS-based locator service. Yesterday I received this email from the carrier:

What is more outrageous – the fact that they are spamming customers with a warning of the outage that may or may not happen? Or that the customers cannot do anything about this hypothetical outage of unknown duration anyway? Or that they promise updates that never materialized? No, the most outrageous fact is that this mobile carrier asks the customers to communicate with them through postal mail! Maybe someone should tell them about… oh, I don’t know…phones? Or email? Or how about a notice on their website?


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